Thursday, June 28, 2012

This is for the BIRDS ?

These are some of the different bird house i,ve been working on.
I just recently started doing a craft fair locally. ( small, but a nice way to start )
I think I,m hooked. lol

These are the garden tool bird houses. They are the most popular.
 Over time I have put about seven or so about the yard and chickadees do move right in.
There a pleasure to watch as well as there song. 

This is one of a few I purchased  (Michaels)
Most times that is how I get a pattern. 
A work in progress, i,m in the prosess of putting a copper roof on.
 I found the copper pieces @ or dump YUP thats right love to dump pick.
We even have a little store where people leave unwanted items. :)
The challenging part is that all the seams have to be soldered.

This is also another type I purchased. The other has a red roof. Trying to capture that log cabin look w/ metal roof ????

Interesting the small adornment inside the feeder is a brass acorn.
The post is an old porch railing, w a piece of rebar in the bottom just stick it in.
The 4 post are from old ballasters the tops and bottoms are going to be candles  (pics are comin)
I thick I need to trim the collar that slides over the post n paint it green what do u think ?
The other is my creation. I have a bird house book w/ sizes for different types of birds.
The post is a dowel that looks like a rope 8' long, cut it half got 2. I yes u got it dump store !!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello all, I,ve been in the workshop tinkering away. A pleasure by all means. Hopefully soon w/ the help of my ladies ( mom & daughter ) I will figure out to post pics and share some tid-bits w/ the world. lol     Talk soon..    DAVE!