Monday, August 13, 2012

Work-Work-Work ????

I know it's a 4 letter word and I will try not to use it again. I should have mentioned this earlier. The picture on my home page is of my shop.
( 16' x 24' ) it should have been BIGGER. oh well. The flag on the front is made from a section of fence I found along my travels. It was already painted red so I just did the white and blue. And the stars?? Here I am trying to be very patriotic and get 50 on there. I know what your thinking  No way.Well along came my darling wife and suggested that I do some funky stars like the xmas one's I make. Oops we'll talk about those later!
Well this is 1 of my projects.I Got this idea from a gentleman along rt 104. He said if I built them I could place them on his site to sell and he would only take 30%.   NOT! 
It's a fire wood storage shed. Salt box design 4'D x 8' L x 6' L should hold a little more than a cord.
Also by putting in a floor ( 1 sheet of plywood ) It could be a cute little bus stop for the kiddos. 

This flock has kept me busy. I sell them to the general public ( craft fairs.  bloggers ??  ) At this time there in the finishing room or where ever there is room. They all get 2 coats of paint. These are a big hit! The red dowel is a handle so that they can be pushed along. The yellow wheels are about 3" dia. and have a black rubber foot attached to them, so as you walk along they go flop flop flop  CUTE. Miss B plays w/ hers every time she come to visit. When completed I'll try and get a better pic. Below them is wooden stars made from old wall lath. 3' x 3' roughly.

Many Many years ago when I was just a small lad. Ok I know get to the point. my dad would wrap a few blades in news paper and send them of to be sharpened. Occasionally when returned he would end up with other peoples blades. Some for the better and some  ?? Having run a construction  co. for many years I experienced the same from time to time, BUT it never failed I very seldom got my good blades back. Time consuming and not happy results, ( some blades cost upwards to $ 80.00. ) So again I know it,s not my idea I just fined tuned it to fit my needs.My name and phone numbers are written all over it and on the reverse side of the dull it says  :) They always seemed to loose my #.  I dis liked having to take that rubber coating off that they apply to protect the blade, so I have them eliminate that process and I put 2 flat washers between each blade,  much faster and just as good, the blade rack in my shop is set up the same way. 
( the white paper is covering my name & number. )  

OOPS this pic should be above, I guess I pushed the wrong key won't be the last time. I have a small utility trailer that I built the wood shed on. Much easier than trying to load it afterwards. I have ramps and it should slide off just fine when delivered, of course that's extra:)