Sunday, July 22, 2012

HELLO !!  all  I,m back. I was hopping to have posted sooner but got carried away in the shop, family camping trip, and of course a road trip. NO this is not me really although at times I feel that old !!!!  (lol) I came across this gentleman along my way. Very friendly guy ???  Knowing what I do for a past time a really good friend  of mine thought of me when she came across some various pieces of lumber, & some items made of wood. 

Christmas in July   :)
Prior to taking this pic there were a few items on top. Got excited could not wait to unload.
The wood varied in size and length.    Perfect!!    It's interesting how things come around in life. In the past at my former job we would save our scraps of wood from jobs we were doing, box them up and gave them away for kindling. Well you guessed it. The pieces are short but they will be great for smaller projects. ( bird houses ??? )

I wish I could say that my shop looked this organized and clean. Small picture lol.
In one of my previous post I had mentioned about leaving a shop tip. I can not take credit for all of these and yes I know ( I'm old ) you may have already seen or have done these. Just thought I would share. Dowels  at times are difficult to store as well as know what sizes you have. So I took some small lengths of  PVC pipe and drilled some holes. I started with the size of a drywall screw and drilled straight through. Then using a larger bit, I used one the would except my driver extension and drilled the front.  I hung them to not only store full lenght dowels but some short pieces. For real small pieces I cut the top of a plastic container and use that.

Well thats all for now. Keep those blades sharp and have a good time.  Dave.


  1. Hi Dave, Welcome to blog land. Love the picture of the guy on the tracter, to funny. Really like your birhouses, my Brother also makes old barn wood birdhouses on vintage rakes, hoes and sells them to garden centers, he does really well with them. Nice to meet you, Cathy sent me over to say hi, Blessings Francine.

  2. Hi Dave! I'm so excited that you are blogging..and having great ideas to share is the best. I love your birdhouses. We have a farmer's market every Sat. morning and you would fit right in with your projects. I laughed at the tin man on the tractor too. We have an artist that has all kinds of metal sculptures in her yard..tin man is one of them. Very fun! Enjoy blogging and I know you'll get tons of visitors. Have a productive week!

  3. I love your tractor buddy. I agree with Yaya, your birdhouses would be a big hit at farmers markets.

  4. Hi Dave, Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

    Your bird houses are wonderful and I like your way of organizing your dowels. Neat idea.
    Your tractor guy is sure friendly and welcoming. I love it.

    Have fun with your many wood projects and with showing us your creations. It was nice meeting you.

  5. Hi Dave,
    A big warm welcome to blogland! I can see you are already having fun! I thought maybe the guy on the tractor was you dressed as Tin Man! LOL!
    Love the idea for shop tips and with all the experience you have I bet there will be some great ones! I like that idea for dowel storage.
    Your birdhouses are awesome! You are very creative!
    Will look forward to more of your posts!!
    Cathy G

  6. Thanks to all for the comments. I will admit I was a little nervous,but I am really looking forward to blogging.
    Thanks again. Dave

  7. Hi Dave,
    Welcome to blogging. I love to check out blogs but I don't like blogging myself. I am a rug hooker and always check out Cathy's blog and she sent me here to say hello!! Happy to see your blog and so happy that you are doing so well!!! Have fun!


  8. Hello Dave from the UK (waves!)
    Love the tin man on the tractor, and your bird houses are works of art, I agree with other comments you'd certainly be able to sell them.
    Have fun woodworking - I look forward to seeing more :o)
    Rose H

  9. Hi Dave! Welcome to blogland! I adore your'll have to start offering them for sale on your sidebar! Your blog looks great. I look forward to seeing more.

  10. Hi Dave,
    I'm a big fan of Cathy's and she mentioned that you had started a blog. I decided to check the birdhouses on garden tools. Clever idea. Just put you on my favorite blogs list...Keep on bloggin"

  11. Good Morning Dave,
    Just popping in to say hello. Cathy let us you had started a blog. Love the birdhouses. Wishing you a great day.

  12. Welcome! :) I love the tin man on the tractor. What a great idea for keeping track of your dowels. Wow, look at all the presents in the back of your truck...early Christmas indeed! Have fun blogging. :)

  13. Great idea for the dowels and the birdhouses are too cool! I'm now following. Hope you'll stop over and follow me at Quirky Vistas as well.

  14. Hi David! welcome and I hope you have fun blogging!

  15. Came over from Acorn Hollow, enjoyed your photos. Have been woodworking for years. I'm only a fair rough carpenter, but my husband is the finish man. love the truck load of pieces!

  16. Hi Dave.....Good Job...your post is great. I love the flag on the barn door and also the "tin man" on the tractor. I'd love to know where these items will be sold...those bird cages are adorable.
    Hope you enjoy your blogging and hope to see you soon.

  17. Hey Dave: Love your pictures of the bird houses and the lawnmower man, wood is my husbands obsession, he would be jealous, you are a lucky man.
    Your header is lovely.