Monday, September 9, 2013

I heard many of excuses over the years and even used a
I have been busy this summer as you can see.
I went to a family reunion this past wknd and a cousin of mine commented that she liked my blog and whished that I would cont' so now that things have calmed down (rite)
Anyways this is one of the craft fairs/ market days that I attended. Yup I got the tent an all.
I not only sold the crafts that I made but a few old/odd pieces

I know its not to clear. I was told I had a nice display. Made me feel good.
On the left you can see some garden tool birdhouses, a bench i found ( @ da dump) are refurbished,
an interesting oak chair it had a place on the back so that the person sitting behind you could place a book or whatever I think it was in a church or meeting hall. On the right is a duck push toy.
And some black cats in 3 designs made to go atop window or door casings.   

I made a few signs out of wine corks it hard to see the glass hanging from the vino sign.
I know I need to learn how to zoom in. Just below is a piece of drift wood I found while walking with my lovely wife at Moody beach in Maine. It reminded me of the little sand pipers u see running around the beach all i had to do was add legs n feet so i used some copper wire and it worked great really looks good.
Choo choo trains, cars & trucks, wooden tulips, coat racks 
and to be posted at a later time the big boy toys!!!
In the center rear, a front end loader n Kenworth dump truck.
Well again its time to go so have fun be safe and keeps those saws sharp.

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  1. So good to see you back again (I should talk) and I love your set-up for the fair. gotta tell you those wooden toys (truck) stole my heart. Also absolutely love your farm tool bird houses. Gotta have me a couple of set'em aside for me...I'll be up to get them. Geez, now I'll have to come up by car and Not by bike...oh well! Thanks again to you and the wife for joining us this past did my heart good.