Sunday, September 15, 2013

Its for real.

YES this is a real street sign in town. As you can see they have welded this one in a frame to the post
and set the post into extra concrete. ( it keeps getting stolen.)

the next pictures should be together and in a different order.
yup I'm still learning. my wife says that over time I am trainable.
This is the seat board to the swing I made,
the bricks were already there and there was a small seat at the end.
there is an old set of fire boots to the left that my wife puts plants in.

This is a pic of the swing. We hope Miss B enjoys it as much as we do.

This is one of the ( 6 ) bureaus that I have and is complete and off to
market. A consignment shop called Boomerangs located in Ply. NH.
Making color choices and selecting hardware are the most difficult part.
Of course I chose from what paint I have in stock or I can purchase on the oops rack @ Lowe,s or other stores lol. I have three boxes of hardware  (pictures to follow) that I dig through to find what looks good and that is based on if I have the right amount. tough job.

This is IT the sign that is mounted over the swing. Imagine finding this in the scrap metal pine @
da dump. Also it had to do with WINE love it. Well out came a cheap can of black spay paint,  n tada.

As you can see I removed the sign part so that I could mount the vine the frame of the swing.
Frame is rough saw 2x6 w/ coat of flat black. to hold the seat up I used good old rope 3/4" diameter for support . Looks pretty good huh. My wifes idea, she had one growin up I went to the pine's playground to swing.
Well its that time again we I must go. Happy woodworking, have fun,
and keep those saws sharp.  DFD


  1. Love the post DFD! My swing that we all seem to like I will look out the window and husband is doing some thinking on the swing.
    great job on the bureau.

  2. Dave,i too find that deciding the color of paint, hooking sewing.. is always the hardest! love how the bureau finished up. i loved doing woodwork and hope to get my scroll saw buzz-en again soon! enjoy these fall days up in your beautiful part of the world!

  3. Dave, I love it! That sign is wonder they had to secure down like they did.
    Now Dave, did you plan to have those bricks under the swing?
    Yikes! The bureau is wonderful. Are you saying that you built those?
    Can't wait to come up and see your place. I'm thinking a Thursday that way your lovely wife would be there also.
    Ran into your other half today at the apple orchard. Later..

  4. I love that sign. I'm not at all surprised it keeps getting stolen!
    Miss B will love her swing. I guess you will be busy as the swing-pusher!

  5. What a great sign - no wonder it keeps walking!
    The swing is super, I'm certain Miss B will adore it :o)
    The bureau is fab.
    Best wishes
    Rose H