Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Signs, signs, every wheres signs.

                          As you can see I have been busy this summer making signs & things and 
                                                              attending a few craft fairs.Also been ta Maine , New Yorrk, Massachewsit , Ney Hampshire, Then back home again.  Cross out the last one, I forgot I live there.
                                                Turned out to be not to bad of a summer.
       I got a little creative with this one. I cut old corks in half with the band saw.                               Used an  old board and attached them with my pin nailer.
           Then I started looking thru all the others ( bout 200 thanks to some friends) and took the longest ones and attached them from the back using coarse drywall screws. Note I did pre-drill and used a hand screwdriver not to over tighten them and strip them out, on the right you can see the stem of a glass hanging

The top sign and this one here  I used twigs ( beech works well) again used the pin nailer.

This is some closet maid shelving w/ brackets and a small pan full of screws and other stuff that goes with it.  
YUP  you guessed it ta da dump we went and tada. they will work out good in the shop cause it will let the dust fall thru.
There to nice to let go we"ll  make them fit some where.

Well the summer has come and gone again we managed to take a few kayak trips. This one was on a long narrow lake very nice. OHH  I tried to get in the kayak by my self only to go topsee-tervee and yup soaked my butt well. This is a marker the state puts in letting boaters know where the rocks are just below the surface. Kayak no problem skimmed right over them. As you can see the local lake people are very patriotic. The colors and stripes do mean something also but da_  if I know.

Yes this is the same lake and for a few minutes thought I was on the titanic.

This is for Ms. B. she loves to slide only problem she wants us to go down it as well.
Found the slide at _______ the 4x4 pressure treated I had on hand. The interesting thing was making some steps, so I used old tool handles attached them to the 4x4 using electrical conduit mounting brackets tad bit more painting n were done.

Again not my idea its old the only thing that has changed is they went from glass to plastic. There were a few coffee cans in between. I can remember seeing my dads now, a piece of wood about
1 1/2 " square with the lids hanging on all for sides. Only problem if you were not paying attention whack  glass n screws flying every  I took of running.  lol  

A little to big to be mounted so I just left them on the shelf.
This past summer we had a chance to have family reunion at my cousins place in Wells Me.
The gave us the grand tour very, very nice house.  And her baked beans are to die for. Anyways Its a small house but very cute ( there retired) I was in the basement in Mike's work shop. He was working on restoring a motorcycle. But the thing that put me in awe was that as I looked around everything was well organized and in its place, I am sure if I had asked for something he would of had it a second!!!  Hey Cousin I want that recipe.
Again its that time to say
Keep those saws sharp
Stay safe
And have fun.


  1. Love the rustic signs, the camp one is fantastic, Blessings Francine.

  2. What great signs!
    Love the storage tips too :o)
    Rose H